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At Avalon Beers we sell craft beers by the box, showcasing the best beers from the UK’s most exciting breweries.

With over five years’ experience in craft beer wholesaling we certainly know our hops and have built an extensive network in the UK craft beer scene. We only work with independent British breweries, so you won’t find anything in our boxes on sale in a supermarket.

Using our knowledge and experience we make sure that only the most interesting, progressive and delicious brews make it into our boxes. You love beer, and so do we!

Our standards are very high and we won’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t drink ourselves. You can buy our boxes either as a subscription or as an individual purchase, and we pick a new selection for you every month.

Inside the box, the beers are fully protected in 100% sustainable packaging, and then delivered directly to your door by courier. Cheers!