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Killer Kolsch

by TJ Corless on June 02, 2021

Today we experienced a post-apocalyptic heatwave. In this disturbing but all-too-possible future the ozone layer has a massive hole in it and waves of molten-hot sunrays melt us like marshmallows on a campfire. It’s end-of-days stuff. The reckoning! 

 OK… so it was 25 degrees at its peak, and there were just a few less clouds in the sky than usual. Maybe what your average Californian might call “mildly warm”. But still! We thought it was HOT! 

‘Twas a long day packaging up and sending out the first round of our Avalon Beers boxes. We were sweaty and disgruntled, but still – we felt proud and content. Perhaps like a pair of sausage dogs after a particularly epic walk around the block. After bathing in the glory for a short while, we hopped in the van and ventured out to see one of our trusted suppliers – Redemption Brewery! 

Redemption are a fantastic cask brewery, but they also do some wonderful small-pack beers – one of which is a Kolsch beer in 440ml cans. If you don’t know, Kolsch is a type of lager that’s top fermented and tastes a touch fruiter than lager. We asked Andy (potentially the nicest man in the brewing industry) if he had any Kolsch cans available for us to buy. Indeed he did, but he also had something much better for us – a taste fresh from the fermenter! 

Andy poured us some glasses, we glugged, we smiled. Strong feelings of cold, crisp refreshment ensued and suddenly, the apocalypse was over. We held our glasses aloft and shouted “Hazaar, hazaar!”. OK, we didn’t do any of that, we just drank it up and felt pretty damn good. 

But in all seriousness, we’re totally mad for Kolsch beers and we think this one is a bit of a gem. We can’t wait to hear what you think when you get some in next month’s Avalon Beers box ☺